Testimonials   |  From the Mother of a Bride

As we began to plan for the wedding of our daughter, we desired an officiant that could conduct the ceremony of matrimony and help prepare our daughter and future son-in-law for this most blessed event.

Being ‘old school,’ I had my reservations about finding someone ‘online,’ however, not being a resident of Minnesota, we had little choice but to pursue this course of action. And after contacting Rev. Frank, we were immediately put at ease.

What was most important to me as a parent, was allowing a time of growth in the relationship of our daughter and her fiancé to better prepare them for their life together. Not only did they enjoy their meetings with Rev. Frank, they grew closer than they already had been, and looked forward to each step of the process.

Rev. Frank performed their ceremony with grace and eloquence.

His heartfelt words will always be remembered and the deep meaning in the message he delivered will bring a warmth to our memories. Rev. Frank invokes this key element into his work and we are blessed to have found him.

One final thought

When planning a wedding, you may decide you need to find a wonderful florist, a fantastic baker, an award winning photographer, and beautiful music… But most important, you must find an officiant who brings his heart to the ceremony, for without this key element, it’s just another wedding.