Sarah and Brian

There are no words to adequately say ‘Thank You’ for everything you did to make our wedding so special.

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding in this incredibly meaningful way.

We both feel so fortunate to have found someone like you – kind, insightful, thoughtful and so real.

It was a daunting task to find an officiant online, and we could not be more happy with how it turned out.

Brian and I are so grateful for all of the special touches and personalization you put into our ceremony. We are thankful for your presence in our lives!

Christy and Josh

Our wedding experience could not have been better!

It started with our pre-marital sessions; we met with Rev. Frank and implemented his book, The Greatest Is Love. The sessions were priceless in allowing us to take time out of our busy lives to have sincere conversations in a warm and open atmosphere.

As we planned our wedding, Rev. Frank was there every step of the way as a resource. When the wedding day arrived we couldn’t have been more prepared. Rev. Frank provided us with the ceremony outline well in advance. It was absolutely beautiful! Rev. Frank has an amazing ability of personalizing the wedding, and his delivery was charismatic!

So again, thank you, Rev. Frank, for a wonderful wedding experience.

From the Mother of a Bride

As we began to plan for the wedding of our daughter, we desired an officiant that could conduct the ceremony of matrimony and help prepare our daughter and future son-in-law for this most blessed event.

Being ‘old school,’ I had my reservations about finding someone ‘online,’ however, not being a resident of Minnesota, we had little choice but to pursue this course of action. And after contacting Rev. Frank, we were immediately put at ease.

What was most important to me as a parent, was allowing a time of growth in the relationship of our daughter and her fiancé to better prepare them for their life together. Not only did they enjoy their meetings with Rev. Frank, they grew closer than they already had been, and looked forward to each step of the process.

Rev. Frank performed their ceremony with grace and eloquence.

His heartfelt words will always be remembered and the deep meaning in the message he delivered will bring a warmth to our memories. Rev. Frank invokes this key element into his work and we are blessed to have found him.

One final thought

When planning a wedding, you may decide you need to find a wonderful florist, a fantastic baker, an award winning photographer, and beautiful music… But most important, you must find an officiant who brings his heart to the ceremony, for without this key element, it’s just another wedding.

Anne and Noah

It often seems that ceremonies are lost in the chaos of the wedding, and I am incredibly thankful that Noah and I can look back and be proud of our ceremony.

I wanted to write a note to say thank you for all the work you put into the ceremony for our wedding. We received many compliments on the ceremony, and many people stated what a wonderful officiant you were.

After having a few weeks to reflect (time flies!), my favorite moment of the day was sharing our vows with our support system behind us. I am so happy that the three of us put the time and effort into making the ceremony meaningful, heartfelt and thoughtful – it was by far my favorite part of the day.

It often seems that ceremonies are lost in the chaos of the wedding, and I am incredibly thankful that Noah and I can look back and be proud of our ceremony, as we believe it is the most important part of the wedding.

Also, we treasure the mementos that you gave us. The wooden heart is on our mantel in our living room, and we plan to us the pen you gave us for our marriage journals. Thank you again, and if you ever need a referral or have someone who would like to talk to Noah and me, just let me know!

Jaime and Brian

My husband and I are so lucky to have found Rev. Frank!

We are not very religious people, nor are our friends or families. We considered hiring a judge to perform our ceremony, but we wanted something more personal and intimate for our big day.

We met Rev. Frank for a cup of coffee and knew instantly that he was the perfect fit. He’s a man with a gentle sense of humor and a warm, personable touch.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful. His expertise and insight was invaluable. We didn’t originally consider pre-wedding counseling, but sitting down with Rev. Frank in the weeks up to the wedding helped us understand our relationship better and reinforce our bond. It also gave Rev. Frank a chance to know us better so he could tailor our ceremony to fit us both as individuals and as a couple.

He respected our beliefs and crafted a beautiful, memorable ceremony that represented us perfectly. We still get compliments to this day!