Marriage Preparation Classes

Rev. Frank Nelson is the author of a popular resource for engaged couples called “The Greatest Is Love.”

The book contains ten easy-to-use, guided conversations for engaged couples. Most couples are surprised at how enjoyable the conversations and sessions are. They look forward to each “conversation date.”

What couples say who add the marriage prep classes:

  • “We didn’t originally consider pre-wedding counseling, but sitting down with Rev. Frank in the weeks leading up to the wedding helped us understand our relationship better and reinforce our bond. It also gave Rev. Frank a chance to know us better, so he could tailor our ceremony to fit us both as individuals and as a couple.”
  • “Rev. Frank helped us talk through issues we may not have thought of before our marriage. It provided a good structure to help us discuss our relationship.”
  • “These conversations clarified our direction and gave insight into our personalities. It gave us an opportunity to discuss topics we don’t discuss on a regular basis.”
  • “The “Greatest is Love” helped us develop a template for the future and helped us focus on factors that we may take for granted or minimize.”

Cost of classes:

One option is to have private sessions with Rev. Frank, costing only $245 for couples who choose Rev. Frank as their officiant. Or you can decide to take the class for FREE by completing the online eCourse. The online course is actually $75, but when you complete it, you will receive $75 off the cost of your Minnesota marriage license. To learn more about the classes, contact Rev. Frank or go to

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